19 September 2019

Graphic Controls
Paignton, Devon

Project Details

Customer: Graphic Controls Ltd

Value: £5 million

Duration: 43 weeks

Completion Date: May 2018

Contract Type: JCT Design & Build 2016

Procurement Type: Negotiated

GIFA: 6,203m²



  • Shortlisted in the 'Commercial' category, 2019 South West RICS Awards and shortlisted for 'Property Deal of the Year' in the 2017 South West Insider Property Awards
  • Average CCS score 37
  • Diverted 98% of waste from landfill


Project Summary

Midas completed this innovative design and build project on a five-acre site at Torbay Business Park, near Paignton in Devon.


Supported by Torbay Development Agency, a socially motivated business established by Torbay Council, the Graphic Controls development strengthens Torbay’s business and commercial sector and enhances the local economy through the creation of up to 60 new essential, skilled jobs, with plans to expand this to 100 in the future.


The 6,200m² manufacturing facility provides a variety of quality commercial features, factory space and two-storey offices with a turnkey Cat B fit out. Midas future-proofed the design to accommodate potential extension or subdivision of the building into three units.


This successful and innovative deal is encouraging inward investment in Torbay, driving the region’s economic development. The customer gave the scheme a score of 100% in the satisfaction survey at project completion.



  • Involving multiple stakeholders, this project was a joint venture between Midas Commercial Developments and Torbay District Council, for the end tenants Graphic Controls.
  • The end tenants set a restrictive air permeability testing requirement of 3 m³/h.m² or lower.
  • Graphic Controls had a 20-year lease on the building and need a building that could adapt to changing requirements.
  • The site contained 36,000 tonnes of rock.



  • To manage the requirements of multiple stakeholders, Midas held monthly meetings with the customer's representatives and representatives from the end tenants, providing regular updates to all parties. These meetings addressed planned works, raised any issues or design challenges and ensured positive relationships. During the works and at practical completion, the project received three scores of 100% from satisfaction surveys completed by the end tenant, highlighting the Midas team’s proactive approach.
  • Midas took on the project at RIBA Stage 3 and achieved an air permeability testing score of 0.95 m³/h.m² through careful design, assessing and sealing all possible leak sources and taping apertures.
  • Midas met the requirements of Torbay District Council and the tenants by future proofing the design of the building, with the foundations, superstructure and internal layout planned and constructed to accommodate future extension or subdivision into three units at the end of the 20-year lease.
  • The team managed the challenging limestone bedrock through a reduced level dig; stripping, crushing and reusing over 500m³ of topsoil and rock on site to form the bund and Devon hedgerow. The team applied to the local authorities to obtain licenses for £1 million of specialist crushing equipment to be stored on site. The rock crushing equipment regularly broke due to the size and density of the rocks in the ground; Midas kept two of the breaking plant on site, alternating between machines when one was out for repair to prevent delays and enabling works to proceed continuously.


Added Value:

The Midas team supported the local community, working with two local Midas Group projects and the Midas Exeter office to collect ten boxes of food, for donation to the Exeter Food Bank over Christmas 2017.


The site hosted a visit from ten students from South Devon University Technical College, to see the project's progress and learn more about the construction industry.


To protect the local ecology, Midas worked with an ecologist who regularly monitoring a bat foraging route on the south elevation of the site. Midas designed the building and planned the project works to accommodate the restrictions for this protected species, keeping works away from this area and moving the lamps to prevent overspill of light into the foraging run. Midas created Devon hedgerows to block light from the building, preserving this area for bats.

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