19 September 2019

Premier Inn
Wadebridge, Cornwall

Project Details

Customer: Premier Inn Hotels Ltd

Value: £2.9 million

Duration: 49 weeks

Completion Date: May 2018

Contract Type: JCT with Bill of Quants 2011

Procurement Type:P Competitive tender - single stage

GIFA: 2,490m²



  • Diverted 100% of waste from landfill
  • Average CCS score 36
  • Supported three trainees


Project Summary

Customer Brief

This three-storey, 66-bedroom hotel is part of the new Bodieve Business Park, just off the A39 in Wadebridge.


The hotel provides a restaurant, family rooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and free parking, surrounded by scenic Cornish countryside, close to the Camel Estuary and within a few miles of the coast.


Midas delivered this timber and steel frame hotel through a collaborative approach with stakeholders including the customer, architect and the customer’s appointed design team and subcontractors. The customer commended Midas’ constant, thorough communication and scored the project 88% in the customer satisfaction survey at practical completion.



  • The structure’s timber frame presented a high fire risk.
  • The customer appoints a regular team of subcontractors on all their new builds, who are experienced with the branding, design and quality requirements. Midas had no direct control over these teams yet needed to manage and coordinate their works on site.
  • During a site visit, the ecologist identified invasive giant hogweed, a plant with phototoxic sap that can cause blisters, burns, scars and sun sensitivity if touched.




  • Early in the works Midas reviewed the fire protection measures, received fire and fire spread risk assessments from the customer, obtained unique design details for every scenario of potential fire penetration through the building and identified significant additional risks and abnormalities in the design, surprising the customer with our level of detail. Midas implemented an improved fire strategy, maintaining thorough communication with the customer, architect and design team to drill down into the detail. Our team implemented safety measures including installation of fire resistant boarding, factory fitted to the frame, to prevent fire spread; use of a tag fire system for alarms and detection; early installation of sacrificial fire doors; and no hot works permitted in the building. Scaffold netting was designed and fitted with consideration for the fire risk, leaving gaps in the netting where safe to do so, to prevent it forming a chimney for a fire. Following implementation of our improved fire strategy the customer has reviewed their own policies and changed their procedures to match ours, and are currently reviewing all their completed, planned and current builds nationally.
  • Midas worked with the design team and subcontractors directly employed by the customer, advising the customer-appointed teams on site access times and supervising their works to our health and safety standards. In customer satisfaction surveys during the project and at completion, the customer highlighted the use of collaborative best practice between Premier Inn and Midas, combining Midas' experience and processes with Premier Inn's established way of working, noting Midas' collaborative working relationship with the customer-appointed subcontractors.
  • Following identification of hogweed on site, Midas included proposals on dealing with this invasive species during toolbox talks. Following directions and recommendations from the ecologist, appointed contractors cut the plants down, keeping cuttings in a sealed bag and composting the remains at the end of the project.


Added Value:

The team implemented a new scaffolding method on site, constructing buttresses to safely support the scaffolding rather than tying it to the building. This enabled the team to complete the render without dropping the scaffold, a new method that improved the programme.


The site directly employed a total of three trainees and used a predominantly local supply chain.

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