01 February 2021

Swansea Refurbishments

  • Region: Neath Port Talbot
  • Client: Swansea Council
  • Value: £20M
  • Contract terms: NEC3 Short Contract 2005
  • Contract length: 129 weeks
  • Completed: March 2021
  • CCS Score: 43/50
  • Site features and challenges: Occupied buildings


Mi-space have worked with City and County of Swansea since 2015 completing kitchens and bathrooms, structural works, boiler works, rewiring, adaptations, asbestos works, SVP replacement and other works as per SoRs. Over a four year period there were 3,300 properties requiring attention including a number of "Type 13" properties that require full remodelling.

Mi-space is running a series of award winning seminars on Autism in Social Housing, in Swansea. Following the realisation that neither the social housing sector, construction nor any other industry possessed a solution for organisations seeking to make practical and reasonable adjustments to their services to accommodate people with autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) related conditions, Mi-space identified a growing need and an opportunity to develop their own improvements to methods of working, for the benefit of all stakeholders on social housing projects.

Mi-space embarked on a project to seek out the knowledge and skills to successfully implement a training module for its staff and supply chain. Mi-space found Autside, a provider of specialist advice on autism whom have been our partner in assessing our working methods and develop straining module for our workforce on how to better deliver our services in the homes of residents with this and related conditions.

The result has been more positive relationships, allowing Mi-space to carry out important works safely and efficiently. The success of the programme prompted Mi-space to share this invaluable training module with Housing Associations and Local Authorities, at no cost to these non-profit organisations. Having approached all the housing stock holders in our Wales and South West operational area, with Swansea Council being the first, Mi-space has now trained over 300 people from more than 20 stakeholder organisations. Each organisation has provided extremely positive feedback through feedback forms. Mi-space and Autside have won Welsh Housing Award 2018, Diversity in Housing Communications Award 2019, nominated for a CESW Award 2020.

Mi-space working with Swansea Community Trust providing work experience on our external programmes with the City Council. Two individuals on the work experience programme were recognised and given an award in 2018.

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