01 March 2011

Efficient Renewable Energy for Cornish College


Project summary

  • Region: Cornwall
  • Value: £180,000
  • Contract terms: JCT 2005 Design & Build
  • Procurement: Design + Build
  • Completed: March 2011
  • Project terms: 110 weeks
  • Awards: Nominated for the Michelmores Building of the Year Award 2012 and the Devon and Cornwall Forum Building of the Year Award 2012
  • Site features and challenges: The most noticeable renewable energy feature is the 100kW wind turbine, towering over the college. It is ideally situated on a windy Cornish hill, thus maximising its potential for generating electricity from this naturally renewable source. Its outstanding performance has enabled it to pay for itself in a surprisingly short period of time. A less visible but just as important element of this renewable energy initiative is how the electricity is used. The primary heat source for the new buildings on this campus is a ground source heat pump. Heat pumps typically deliver 2-3kW of heat for every 1kW of electricity used – so with the wind turbine having paid for itself, both the power and the space heating become free on windy days!
  • Customer Satisfaction: 82%
  • BREEAM: Excellent

This Midas project helped the client achieve exceptionally low running costs and excellent energy efficiency with  a combination of on site power generation and good use of ground source heat.

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