01 March 2014

Cheaper School Heating from Midas Energy


Project summary

  • Region: Hampshire
  • Value: £2,000,000
  • Contract terms: NEC Option A
  • Procurement: Traditional
  • Completed: March 2014
  • Project terms: 26 weeks
  • Site features and challenges: The optimiser control system adds an extra layer of control intelligence to heating systems. It detects when the facilities being heated still have enough heat circulating in the system, even if a room thermostat responds to a slight fall in air temperature (e.g. perhaps someone briefly opens a window to freshen the air). In such circumstances there is no need to add extra heat to the heating system, so the boiler is prevented from firing until the heat is actually beginning to drain from the heating system. Over time these small interruptions accrue a significant saving in fuel, carbon and cash. In most scenarios the relatively small cost of an optimiser control system is returned in fuel cost savings in the first 8-12 months.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 88%

Under Hampshire County Council's Boiler Energy Improvement Programme for Schools, in just one year Midas Energy installed boiler optimiser control systems on 1,711 boilers in 884 utility rooms across 503 schools. All works were carried out in live school environments, with surveys conducted at each site prior to installation.

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