28 September 2010

Castle Street Development – ‘one of the trickiest ever’

The £2.6 million development in Castle Street, Swansea, has been described as one of ‘the trickiest sites' ever encountered by the highly experience team from affordable housing specialists Mi-Space.

The project involves creating 32 apartments on behalf of Coastal Housing Association and is part conversion, part, refurbishment and part new build.

Mi-Space Operations Manager, Gerry Wiggins, said: "The project requires creating 16 apartments by converting the former Barons Night Club with a further 16 over four storeys built on the existing roof.

"We have also had to create a central shaft for moving materials and for other services as a central heating plant is being constructed in the basement.

"All the while, the ground floor Happy Homes Furniture Store has remained open throughout!

"All city centre schemes have their challenges especially in terms of access and these require considerable logistical planning and local liaison to minimise disruption to the day to day lives of people and nearby businesses.

"When we have completed the job we aim to leave behind net benefits both for the environment and the community and we hope we'll be remembered as good neighbours completing a socially valuable project that local people can be proud of."


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