20 July 2015

Latest winners of the Murdo Mace Awards for Customer Service revealed

A near perfect client satisfaction survey has seen a Midas Construction Wessex & Wales team announced as the latest winner of the Murdo Mace Award for Customer Service.

While working on the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre in Bridgewater, the Midas team also topped the polls in two Considerate Construction Scheme (CCS) checks, receiving high praise as part of the evaluation process.

Joining them as the latest Murdo Mace recipient is Midas Group’s Perry Osborne who has been praised for his dedicated and consistent approach to his health and safety duties.

The manager has been celebrated as an integral part of the Midas team, proactively offering his advice and guidance at any time of the day or night.

Alan Hope, Chief Executive of Midas Group, said: “It is hugely important to us to highlight the hard work and dedication of our staff. Also vital to our business is working positively with local communities and clients, engaging with them to create the best developments possible.

“By announcing the latest winners of the Murdo Mace Awards for Customer Service, we are championing the dedication of all of our employees.

“I would like to thank all nominees for continuing to demonstrate the behaviours that bring our vision to life.”

Those working on the innovation centre development received a 98% positive response through their latest satisfaction survey with client Somerset County Council.

“This has been partly due to project manager Kevin Curtis’ good work in listening to and working with the client but it is also a team result and the rest of the team should be recognised for their efforts,” said Alan.

The Midas staff also scored 44 and 43 out of 50 in two recent CCS evaluations, fulfilling a range of criteria from environmental protection to support of its workforce, demonstrating a consistency and commitment to maintaining the high standards they have set themselves.

Off the back of this performance, the Wessex & Wales division is seeking to negotiate the next phase of works on site.

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